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Menopause Weight Loss Products – Estrin D

Menopause may be a natural stage in a woman’s life but the accompanying weight gain has all women worried.

Weight gain is not just bad for cosmetic reasons but also unhealthy too.

The latest researches have established that the risks related to high blood pressure increase by at least five percent per two pounds increase in the weight!

The decreasing estrogen levels also cause a decrease in the metabolism, which causes the body to hang on to its fat resources more tenaciously.

Heart diseases, diabetes and even an increased risk of cancer of the breast and other kinds have been attributed to this menopausal weight gain.

The modern science along with some pharmaceutical companies has developed certain menopausal weight loss products that claim to ease the weight problems of women.

These weight loss products claim to set your metabolism right and even suppress your appetite, which increases in menopause.

It claims to have ingredients like caffeine, guarana, yerba, matte and herbal constituents like damiana, ginger, schisandra and Tibetan ginseng.

These constituents are said to help in regulating appetite, increasing metabolism and reduce mood swings, which result from fluctuations in hormonal levels.

Caffeine in normal circumstances can cause an increase in the heart rate, increase blood pressure, sweating.

It’s seen that women experiencing menopause can experience some ill effects if they take caffeine.

The classic menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats may become more pronounced by consuming caffeine.

Caffeine consumption can also cause osteoporosis in women during menopause.

According to the reviews by users this product has a high quantity of stimulants, which are not medically recommended for women with menopausal problems.

Caffeine does not guarantee fat loss as compared to a patented fat burner.

Menopause problems can be overcome by proper diet and exercise rather than these supplements.


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